HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital

A Lesson in Re-Branding

Expect The Unexpected

The Goal

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, a member of the HSHS Southern Illinois Division family, became a victim of assumption, as the surrounding community began to doubt the level of healthcare provided by the hospital due to the deteriorating building. A decision was made to relocate the hospital in the nearby village of O’Fallon, Illinois.

Perceived as a place that people go to die, the assumptions about St. Elizabeth’s were destroying the viability of the hospital. Upon relocation, the goal was to reinvent the hospital and create a place that represented the go-to place in the community for wellness and innovative health care.

The Creative Approach

  • Build brand awareness & restore the reputation of the hospital.
  • Drive quality traffic to designated landing pages
  • Use compelling creative, programmatic ad technology, and behavioral targeting tactics to reach potential customers online
  • Strategy + Creative
  • Design + Copywriting
  • Video Production
  • Programmatic Ad Buying

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